Who are Concierges?

//Who are Concierges?

Who are Concierges?

**This blog was written and published by affiliates of rNetwork.**

Much of the services that we offer through rNetwork are made possible through our concierges. These are the people that make it easy for you to settle a mortgage or even purchase a car without having to even leave your house. They’re also the ones that help with r mobile when you are looking for discounts on your phone bill.

rNetwork Definition

An r concierge, simply put, is someone who is an expert in their industry. Their role within our network is to give personal assistance to charter members and fanns so that they can make the most of their purchases and maximize their savings.

Importance of the Concierges

The work that concierges contribute to our network is vital. Since our focus is on bringing you unique deals, ones you won’t ordinarily find in the marketplace, they serve as something like a middleman. They play a big part in a lot of the more significant discounts with our partner companies.

Concierges Services

This role as a middleman is the reason why our concierges deal mainly with three types of services: rMobile, rMortgage, and rAuto. Most of the time, these types of purchases require meeting with a salesperson, but our concierges can use their expertise to save you the trip and some money along the way. They also play a part in charter member commissions. Whenever a charter member or fann of the rNetwork makes a purchase with a concierge, their up line gets paid for it. 

Concierge assistance is only one of the benefits of being a part of the rNetwork. Visit the website to learn more about how you too, can become a part of this network. You can begin now to save—and even earn—money with the purchases you are already making on a daily basis.

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