Tips for Enrolling Fellow Charter Members

//Tips for Enrolling Fellow Charter Members

Tips for Enrolling Fellow Charter Members

One of the biggest parts of being a part of rNetwork is helping others become a part of it too. Inviting others to become charter members not only lets you enjoy discount benefits with others close to you, it’s also what allows you to make commissions.

But this can seem like a challenge if you don’t feel like you’re very much the salesperson type. So here are some quick, friendly tips to help you get started:

Be Prepared

Make sure that you write down and even practice your pitch beforehand. Even if you already know the person you want to help enroll, having your thoughts in order can help you feel more confident.

Help Others

Be human and personable in your approach. Remember the reasons why you joined rNetwork and its likely that those same reasons can fill a void for the person you’re wanting to enroll, even if they don’t recognize it yet. Keep their best interest in mind.

Follow Up

Remember that this doesn’t mean to nag the person as that will likely only keep them from enrolling. But once you’ve already approached someone, you can look for simple and natural ways to remind them of the discount, commissions, and other benefits you and so many others are already enjoying.

The bottom line here is to approach people in a way that feels natural and comfortable. Think of ways that you would like someone to network with you and apply the same principles to networking with others. You can even ask the person that helped you to enroll to rNetwork for more personalized tips. In the mean time, we’re happy to have you as part of the team!

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