The Power 3 Compensation Plan

//The Power 3 Compensation Plan

The Power 3 Compensation Plan

The rNetwork is the world’s first network that is built entirely for the benefit of the members who join it. This includes those who sign up for the free perks as a FANN as well as those who pay the monthly fee to enroll as charter members.

Becoming an rNetwork charter member means that you have access to the benefits but with a significant advantage. It means that not only can you save money, you can earn it as well. This compensation can grow from the immediate people on your team as well from all the FANNs that they have helped to enroll.

This is done largely through what is called the Power 3 Compensation Plan. Not surprisingly, it’s comprised of three different parts:

The Personal Enrollment Network (PEN)

This part of the compensation plan is rather self-explanatory. Its simply a structure that houses all ten of the people that you have personally enrolled to rNetwork. It’s your own personal network.

A Synergistic Team Building Structure (TBS)

This is a three-by-ten structure that determines your compensation. There are ten different tiers, each of which builds exponentially by three. That means that tier one has three positions (consisting of the first three people you enroll). From there, tier two has nine positions, level three has twenty-seven and so on. In this structure, everyone helps everyone else to build their team. By the time your TBS is full, you will have 88,572 positions on your team. Not too shabby!

A Customer Structure (FANN club)

As your team grows, you can boost your success by building the customer base, or the FANN club. Once you enroll a FANN, they are assigned to your TBS position. Best of all, there’s no limit to how many FANNs you can enroll, meaning your team can work together to earn more commissions and to help more people find significant savings.

It’s as easy as that. You never need to sell anything. All you do is connect with those around you and share the opportunity to save money—a chance that hardly needs a tagline. So reach out to us today to learn how you can join the team and begin your rNetwork Power 3 Compensation Plan.

**This blog was written and published by affiliates of rNetwork.

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