rNetwork: A Worldwide Savings Opportunity

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rNetwork: A Worldwide Savings Opportunity

As members of rNetwork, we know that there are many ways to save on the purchases that we already make on the daily. Better yet, these savings opportunities span the globe. With benefits like rBank, rTravel, rMeds and more you can save money while contributing to a network of individuals who are also looking for smart ways to keep to their budget.

For example, with rPerks, you can find deals for things like retail products, spas, entertainment, ski packages, and auto services throughout the United States and Canada.

If that’s not enough elbow room for you, the rTravel benefit gives you the opportunity to find deals on worldwide hotel bookings. You can get private discounts on car rentals, and even cruises from brands that you trust. Deals that you won’t otherwise find on the public market.

rBank is an up and coming benefit and it’s one that we are excited for. With this service, you will be able to do all of your banking in one place and even earn your own commissions based on the purchases of others. That’s one of the best things about rNetwork. We benefit each other by saving money on our purchases.

As is the nature of networks, these products and services are only growing. As we make more connections, we are able to make more savings. If you’re interested in getting started, our team of Revvolutionaries are happy to help! Visit our team site or contact us and we’ll get you on your way to saving—and earning—more money.

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