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Mortgage Discounts

rmortgage is a concierge mortgage lending service for Charter Members and FANNs of rnetwork. We are making it simple and easy to apply for a mortgage without ever leaving your home or office.

Replace the high pressure salespeople and high commissions with a warm and professional rmortgage concierge. Your rmortgage concierge puts you in charge and will work hard to find you the best rates, fees, and terms for your situation.

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Sign up now as a FANN for free today and see it work for your self or sign up as a charter member and start growing your network.

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Watch the video below to learn more about rmortgage.

The process was easy, filled out form online while sitting in my chair at home, few days later Debra called me from the concierge service my company offers for free and gave me a few minutes of her valuable time and answered any questions that I had.
She followed up with me every other day till we had the offer on a house we liked. Paperwork once again was done at the convenience of my home in my pajamas and gave me a good rate that local banks were not quite giving me. On December 4th I will be closing on our home.

Joe Buckley

rNetwork is by far the most amazingly generous savings network that I have ever been a part of and I truly feel blessed to be a Charter Member. I have been a part of other savings networks before but never have I experienced a savings platform anything like this. I have already saved over $400 so far and I’m getting paid to help others save. 
Now this can truly help a whole lot of people!

Elaine – California