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Mobile Discounts

rmobile is a concierge mobile service for Charter Members and FANNs of r network. We are making it simple and easy to save money on your monthly cell phone bill right from the comfort of your home!

The aim of rmobile is to reduce your bill significantly, but in some cases there may only be modest savings. In rare situations, you may even have a plan that your concierge will recommend that you should not switch. Because there are many different options and plans when it comes to your individual and/or family needs, your concierge will work to offer you options that may not be available anywhere else, and will provide them to you with exclusive savings and discounts. rmobile is not available for current Sprint customers.

Stay tuned for future announcements and availability.

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Watch the video below to learn more about rmobile.

r Mobile is absolutely amazing to find the best deal for you!!! From $123.89 for the cellphone bill for 3 lines, down to $115/month + tax! We all upgraded NEW phones from Samsung and Apple. Also $300 gift card!

Marissa Gamble

r Mobile ROCKS!!! From $620/month cellphone bill for 7 lines, down to $377/month + tax! I just saved a whopping $245/month… upgraded to 7 new iphone 11 to boot!!! So glad to be a charter member… paying $38/month to SAVE and help people SAVE…

Roel Mortel