Revv Card: Changing the Way You Transact

//Revv Card: Changing the Way You Transact

Revv Card: Changing the Way You Transact

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Imagine owning a card that can unclutter your wallet and help you earn rewards on every transaction. Imagine owning a card that allows you to earn money whenever someone else makes a purchase. Well, through advancing technology and strategic partnerships, we can make that happen. Coming in the year 2020, rNetwork is rolling out the Revv Card we want to change the way that you transact.


The Benefits of Revv Card

The Revv Card comes with many unique benefits to rNetwork. Revv Card is currently partnered with over 500,000 merchants and businesses all throughout the United States and Canada and is only growing, meaning you can likely find these discounts at some of your favorite places. Through these businesses, you can load multiple cards, such as gift cards, loyalty cards, and bank cards onto your Revv Card.

Another benefit that comes with the Revv Card is the ability to earn discounts with one single swipe. You don’t have to worry about trying to track down coupons, as you’ll always get the best deals. You can also earn points and rewards on every transaction that you make.

Our Revv Card is protected with added security. rNetwork has installed a biometric fingerprint reader, GPS and cellular chip in the Revv Card.

Some other benefits to note with the Revv Cars include instant transfers between rNetwork members. You can also pay bills, set up direct deposit and shop online with Revv card.


As for the features that come with our Revv Card, you’ll be presented with something completely new and innovative. Our Revv Card will feature a 1.73’ OLED touch screen and boast a Dynamic EMV Chip. You’ll also find a Biometric Print Reader, charging points, a microphone and speaker. Lastly, you can find a Bluetooth antenna on our card, and you can expect it to be the same thickness as a standard card.

The Revv Card is meant to revolutionize the way you transact, and we’re using cutting edge technology to achieve this goal. Keep an eye out for the revolutionary Revv Card, coming in 2020.

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