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Auto Discounts

rautos is a concierge car buying service for Charter Members and FANNs of rnetwork. We are making it simple and easy to buy a car without leaving your home or office. Replace the annoying, high pressure, high commission salespeople with a warm and professional rnetwork concierge.

Your concierge puts YOU in control. They work hard to find your dream car at the price you want and deliver it directly to your door without you ever setting foot on a dealer lot.

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Sign up now as a FANN for free today and see it work for your self or sign up as a charter member and start growing your network.

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Watch the video below to learn more about rautos.

I saved over $1500 (about 14%) buying this car through my business. Ask me how you can now do the same for free!
After we miraculously survived our car being totaled by a drunk driver, we had to buy a new car. We hate car buying! We dreaded going to a car lot and try out cars and then deal with the negotiations and paperwork plus finding a babysitter that could watch our kids while we dealt with it all.

Wayne Morris

Looks brand new and runs like a charm. Thanks r autos!

John Johnson