Earning Commissions with rNetwork

//Earning Commissions with rNetwork

Earning Commissions with rNetwork

*This blog was written and published by an affiliate of rNetwork.

When you become a part of rNetwork, you not only have the opportunity to save money. You have the chance to make it. There are a variety of ways for you to start earning commissions once you enroll as a charter member.

For example, when you first join you have a chance to receive a $50 monthly bonus once you refer three additional people to rNetwork. This bonus is called the T3 Bonus and it includes an extra $2 per member that you enroll. This ads up to $56 a month just for helping other people find access to savings and discounts.

Beyond the T3 bonus, the commission that you earn is based on something called the Power 3 Compensation Plan. It allows you to make money not only by enrolling team members, but by your team members enrolling additional participants. There is exponential growth to the money you make under this plan. You may be surprised at how quickly it grows.

Additionally, once the revv card is released, charter members will have the opportunity to earn on the purchases of fellow participants. The commission that you earn with rNetwork is called rMoney. You can access it through rPay, a program that gives you easy access to the money you’ve earned, regardless of your local monetary system.

This is the power of a network. The bigger it gets, the better. The more people that are involved, the more possibilities there are for rPay commissions.

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