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Products & Services


Products & Services

To save where the masses can’t, and to make money where the masses don’t.

Our Product Suite is just the beginning of what will soon be the largest savings and earning platform in the world! Save money when you pay your cell phone bill, buy a new house or car, travel, shop, dine out, even save on your prescriptions. It’s as simple as using a phone app.


Connecting subscribers with local merchants by providing thousands of deals on all sorts of things, from local restaurants, entertainment, spas, ski and golf packages, and retail products, to automotive products and services throughout the US and Canada.


rbank is an FDIC insured bank offering all of the traditional banking services including Checking & Savings Accounts, Debit cards, Bill pay, Consumer Loans, and Mortgages, and is the home of the revv account, where you will have the ability to earn money on other people’s purchases.



Our exclusive hotel-booking portal that offers better-than-wholesale rates not available to the general public. You have access to exclusive savings on all of your hotel and vacation bookings throughout the world.


You get a prescription card to help you save money on your medications. Simply present the card to the pharmacist and they will add the discounts to your pharmacy profile. The card is preactivated and can be used right away at your local pharmacy. Not only will save money on your prescriptions, but, every time the card is used $2 is added to the Bonus Pool.


Simply present your custom card to the pharmacist and they will add the discounts to your pharmacy profile. Remember, this card is pre-activated and can be used right away at your local pharmacy. With no insurance requirements, no Health restrictions and no deductibles or Co-Pays rpetrx can help FANNs and Charter Members alike.


rconcierge is a network of experts in their respective industries who specialize in assisting our charter members and fanns with their purchases to maximize savings.


rmobile has partnered with Sprint and is a concierge service to help you save on your mobile phone bill and phones.

We are making it simple and easy to save more than ever!


rautos is a concierge car buying service of r network. We are making it simple and easy to buy a car without leaving your home or office. Forget the annoying salespeople and put our concierge to work for you.

rAuto, rNetwork


rmortgage is a concierge mortgage lending service of rnetwork.

We are making it simple and easy to apply for a mortgage without ever leaving your home or office.


*There is an initial fee of $25 (one time admin fee).*

revv card

Coming 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice to unclutter your wallet and carry just one card? How would it be to earn rewards and discounts on transactions? Or, better yet, earn money on other people’s purchases? Introducing the revv card. Through cutting edge technology and strategic partnerships, rnetwork is changing the way you transact.

So what does this technology mean for you?

  1. revv card is partnered with over 300,000 businesses worldwide.
  2. Receive discounts with a single swipe. No need to search for coupon codes or shop for deals. revv card recognizes where you’re at and shares relevant offers.
  3. Load multiple cards onto the revv card and consolidate everything into one. Gift cards, store loyalty cards, bank cards and more. Simply choose which card to use and complete your purchase.
  4. Earn points and rewards on every transaction. Then redeem at nearly 1 million merchants.
  5. Protected with added security, revv card is packed with a biometric fingerprint reader, GPS and a cellular chip.
  6. Need to split dinner or send cash to a friend? Easy enough. Instantly transfer money to any revv card holder.
  7. Pay bills, direct deposit, shop online…all on revv.
  8. Deposit or withdraw cash at over 1 million ATM locations.

The revv card also features some of the most advance technological features.

  • 1.73″ OLED Touch screen
  • Dynamic EMV Chip
  • Biometric Print Reader
  • Charging Points
  • Mic
  • Speaker
  • Bluetooth Antenna
  • Same thickness as a standard card

Now for the best part. As a Charter Member of rNetwork, not only will you earn rewards and discounts on your own revv card purchases BUT you’ll earn every time someone in your network swipes. The more they spend, the more you earn!

So don’t wait. Become a Charter Member and start earning today!