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//Our rPerks

Our rPerks

**This blog was written and published by affiliates of rNetwork.**

Here at rNetwork, we want to shift financial power back into the hands of the people. We do this by providing our customers with what we call rPerks, or ways in which you can save money on everything that you love to do. From your favorite restaurants to recreational activities and hobbies like golfing and skiing, rNetwork can save you up to 50 percent on qualifying purchases.

rNetwork aims to connect subscribers with local merchants. Through rPerks, subscribers get access to thousands of deals. Saving with rNetwork is easy, and the perks are endless. There are over 500,000 merchant partners throughout the United States and Canada willing to offer discounts, meaning you can currently find savings in 10,000 different cities. rPerks allows you to save huge on discounted amusement park, concert and event tickets.

You’ll never have to scramble for coupons, discount codes or gift cards again. rNetwork’s rPerks are the best way to take advantage of savings in the simplest way possible.

With rNetwork, you’ll get access to perks so great that you’ll want to share them with your friends. By saving money, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself more. These savings will give you the ability to go out more often, to do more shopping and, in other cases, to help you better your financial health.

Currently, rPerks are only available to our charter members in US and Canada. While rNetwork is by invitation only, you can always reach out to us to inquire more about how you can start taking advantage of the various rPerks that we offer. We want to save you money where the masses can’t, and to make money where the masses don’t. 

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