Getting Started with rNetwork

//Getting Started with rNetwork

Getting Started with rNetwork

**This blog was written and published by affiliates of rNetwork.**

Chances are, you’ve heard of us through a friend. After all, our aim as a network is personal connection. But even if you’ve discovered us on your own, welcome! We have some great things in store for you. There are three steps in joining the rNetwork: Join, Share, and Earn. We’ll walk you through each step so you can take your position in the network and get started on saving.


Step 1: Join

There are two ways to join the rNetwork. Either as a fann, if you are looking to save money, or as a charter member if you’d also like to make commissions. To become a fann, sign up on our site to receive access to our products and services. For charter member status, the enrollment cost is a one-time payment of $25 with a monthly subscription of $49.95. This totals up to $74.95 in your first investment: one that will quickly pay for itself.

Step 2: Share

One of the most essential parts of joining the rNetwork is sharing its benefits with others. If you join as a charter member, you immediately have an opportunity for a bonus and a boost in commission. Once you enroll three active members, you get a $50 monthly bonus to your commission. If you enroll your first three charter members within the first seven days of your membership, you unlock all 10 commission tiers. If the number of your active users drops beneath three, you will then have to sponsor 10 active members to re-unlock that tier level. 

Step 3: Earn

For charter members, those three members that you enrolled are now your KEY 3 Power Team. It’s now up to you to teach them how to qualify for their own Me & 3 Bonus. Then, as they enroll more people, you will continue to earn your commission, all while enjoying the benefits of our savings. You can also earn money just by people making purchases. Whenever a charter member or fann makes a purchase with a concierge, their entire up line gets paid for it. 

Voila! Whether fann or charter member, you are now of a revolutionary network of individuals working together to shift profits from big business to individuals. From there, enrollment to become a fan and to save on hundreds of products and services is entirely free. But by becoming a charter member, you can make money on top of the savings. We’re happy to have you on the team!

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