Earning Commissions Through rNetwork’s Power 3 Compensation Plan

//Earning Commissions Through rNetwork’s Power 3 Compensation Plan

Earning Commissions Through rNetwork’s Power 3 Compensation Plan

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rNetwork is a savings network that provides its charter members with a chance to not only save money but to earn it. These commissions come through a service called rPay. The amount and rate of commissions from rPay that an individual earns is based on a strategy called the rNetwork Power 3 Compensation Plan.


Personal Enrollment Network (PEN)

The PEN refers to the team of individuals that you personally enroll to rNetwork. This team will be foundational to the commissions that you earn through rPay, since commissions can be earned by your enrollments as well as theirs.

Synergistic Team Building Structure (TBS)

The TBS is a three-by-ten structure. There are ten tiers in this structure. Tier one begins with three positions and makes up your three teams. From there, each tier builds exponentially on the one previous. For example, tier two has nine positions and tier three has twenty-seven. Once all ten tiers are full, they add up to 88,572 charter members on your team.

Customer Structure (FANN club)

The commissions that you make with rPay are expanded through the customer structure, or the FANN club. FANNs are different than the rNetwork charter members. They don’t have full access to all of the products and services offered by rNetwork, but what they do have access to is free. FANNs are a crucial part of your commissions because they can add to your TBS positions, and there’s no limit to the amount that you can enroll, meaning your team can increase their commissions.

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