A Guide to Our Services

//A Guide to Our Services

A Guide to Our Services

**This blog was written and published by affiliates of rNetwork.**

rNetwork has partnered with over 500,000 merchants and businesses worldwide to bring you a wide variety of services and savings. Best of all, these are services in areas that a lot of us use regularly and at rates not offered to the masses.


We’ve connected with local merchants all over the world, bringing you thousands of deals on all sorts of things. Whether its a spa day, a skiing trip, an afternoon on the golf course, or a must-have at the mall, it’s likely we have a discount for it. And if not a discount, at least some points rewards.


Like to travel? Check out our r travel discounts. You can find flights, hotels, rental cars, vacation home rentals, and even worldwide cruises at wholesale pricing with zero markups and with retention pay for our members. rTravel is a worldwide perk, so all it takes is a membership and a little wanderlust. 


Sprint is among the companies and services that we’ve partnered with. Our rMobile service can help you save on phones and even the bills that come with them.


Not only does our r auto service save you money on buying a car, they also save you the gas money for getting to the dealership. Our concierges are making it easier than ever to purchase a car directly from your home without ever having to face a salesperson.


The same goes for rNetwork’s r mortgage. It is a concierge mortgage lending service that makes it easy for you to apply for a mortgage right from your desk at work or even from your couch at home.


Another service that rNetwork offers is rMeds. With this benefit, you can get a  prescription card that you can present to your pharmacist for savings on your medications. It even comes pre-activated so that you can use it right away. 


You can even find all the services of a traditional bank with rBank. This is an FDIC insured bank that, along with offering Checking & Savings Accounts, Debit cards, Bill pay, Consumer Loans, and Mortgages, is the home of the rev account. This is the account where your earnings go if your rNetwork membership status gives you the ability to make money when others make a purchase.

Think its all too good to be true? Think again! Visit our website today to learn more about this revolutionary network. Together, we can help leverage the power and profit less towards big business and more towards the individual.

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