4 Psychological Benefits of Saving Money

//4 Psychological Benefits of Saving Money

4 Psychological Benefits of Saving Money

**This blog was written and published by affiliates of R Network.

At rNetwork, savings are the core of our mission to potentially help people save on everything from their prescriptions to their cellphone plan. As Revvolutionaries, it’s our goal to pass along these savings within rNetwork to new charter members and FANNs because we know that they can have a tremendous impact on an individual’s quality of life. People are happier when they relieve the stress that comes with debt and tight monetary restrictions, and financial freedom brings about various psychological benefits.

In this entry, we’re going to be covering four psychological benefits that come with saving money and why the Revvolutionaries at rNetwork want to help everyday people achieve these benefits.


Studies have shown that saving any amount of money, no matter how small, can start to build a sense of optimism. rNetwork charter members and FANNs have the opportunity to potentially save on every purchase they make, which can build a tremendous sense of optimism when you look back and see how much money you’ve saved over the course of a pay period.

A Sense of Freedom

Saving money and, in a sense, “increasing” your salary by cutting monthly expenses can give you the awesome feeling of a new sense of freedom. By saving money on bills and other monthly expenses, you have more financial freedom to spend money on entertainment, hobbies and interests.

Peace of Mind

Over 80 percent of Americans today say that they can’t cover an emergency of $500.00 or more if necessary. It’s frightening to know that most Americans have little to nothing in their savings accounts and emergency funds. By saving money and putting it into a savings account, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can cover an emergency, whether that be medical or automotive.


To tie in with the peace of mind, savings can give someone an incredible boost in confidence. Seeing that you’re able to save money and become financially stable reinforces the notion that you can do anything.

These four benefits are just a few benefits that come with saving money. By becoming a Revvolutionary, you can potentially reap even more psychological and financial benefits that come from rNetwork.

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