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Sign up today to start taking advantage of rnetwork’s newest discounts through rglobalmall. Fanns can sign up today for free and instantly gain access to exclusive deals. Charter members have the potential of making uncapped income when members they refer save money using all of rnetwork’s services.


rglobalmall is an online portal to discounts from your favorite brands. By participating you help grow the network which means more deals. Sign up today to start taking advantage of rnetwork’s newest discounts through rglobalmall. FANNS can sign up today for free and instantly gain access to exclusive deals. CHARTER MEMBERS have the potential of making uncapped income when members they refer save money using any of rnetwork’s services.


rbank is a traditional bank with an untraditional way of rewarding its patrons. when you sign up for rbank you gain access to your revv account where you gain the ability to earn money on other people’s purchases. rbank offers everything a traditional bank does such as:

  • Checking & Savings Accounts
  • Debit Cards
  • Bill Pay
  • Consumer Loans
  • Mortgages

Charter Members

CHARTER MEMBER is the best choice for those looking to make life-changing money with amazing opportunity through rnetwork. CHARTER MEMBERS benefit from rnetwork’s full suite of cravings.


rnetwork allows FANNS to experience some of the benefits of the network at no cost. This option is best for those looking to save money on some of life’s largest purchases and decisions.

No matter your preference, we formally welcome you to rnetwork’s personal finance revolution.

My wife and I have struggled most of our marriage searching for ways to save money. Thanks to rNetwork that’s an everyday thing for us now. Becoming a Charter member has opened up opportunities for us we’ve never dreamed possible, even in Alabama, yet we’re watching it happen.

Timothy – Alabama

rNetwork is by far the most amazingly generous savings network that I have ever been a part of and I truly feel blessed to be a Charter Member. I have been a part of other savings networks before but never have I experienced a savings platform anything like this. I have already saved over $400 so far and I’m getting paid to help others save. 
Now this can truly help a whole lot of people!

Elaine – California

I heard about smartcards before but the RevvCard is so unique. Without hesitation, I joined as a Charter Member on the very first day of soft launch. As a Charter Member I’ve been saving more than I’ve been spending like savings of 15%-25% in restaurants in and around the area where I live. I have also saved $252 on my upcoming travel to Florida with a family member. That’s 43% off the competitors’ price! As a Charter Member, I’ve shared the opportunity to families and friends who want to save as well and as a result I’ve been consistently earning commissions on a weekly basis. I get paid when I help others save! What a great concept! My heartfelt gratitude to rNetwork!

Rol – Texas

rNetwork is the business opportunity I never knew I was missing! Most recently I took my son on a senior road trip and we saved money in every city along the way! Simple & fun! Can’t wait to see what is added next & next.

Carisa – Idaho

I’ve been a thrifty shopper and couponer for many years. When I saw the potential savings included in being a charter member of rNetwork, I jumped in with both feet! 

Food, merchandise, hotels and so much more to come! I saved over $200 in my first 2 weeks of using rNetwork. Now I get to share my savings with my friends, family and people that want to save and bless them as well. All while making money by helping people save money! How amazing is that?! 

I truly see the vision of this company and want to be a part of it! Thank you rNetwork!

Christina R. – Florida

I’ve been in the Online Marketing industry for 20+ years and never have I seen such high retention rate. The stand alone products and services that provide major discounts make it so easy to share. 

Honestly, this is the first time in the history of my marketing career to ever get paid residual income immediately upon going into pre-launch. It’s Unheard of, a big thank you to rNetwork for providing such an amazing opportunity. I love it!

Alex – California


*There is an initial fee of $25 (one time admin fee).*


Personally enroll your first three charter members and receive the Me & 3 Bonus—a $50 Monthly Bonus. Enroll 3 members within your first 7 days and you will receive a $75 one-time bonus along with the $50/month. T3 qualification gives you access to all 10 tiers as long as you remain T3 status (which you can go in and out of) or higher, even if it’s interrupted. Dynamic compression also allows you to earn on tiers below tier 10.

Watch the video below to learn more about The Power 3 Compensation Plan.


If you sponsor 3 charter members in your first 7 days, you are paid a $75 bonus and $50/month.

Once you have 3 personally enrolled members (no time limit) you receive a $50/month bonus and unlock all 10 tiers of our compensation plan.

Bonus Pools


Once you have active, personally enrolled members you can earn commission on every member in the company when he or she purchases items within rNetwork’s marketplace and/or saves on any or our concierge services.


Everything included in Founder plus this will be a smaller pool of members to earn from the global bonus pool. Ambassador members are members who have at least 10 active, personally enrolled members who have 3 personally enrolled active members.

Freedom Ambassador:

Everything included in Ambassador. These are members who have 10 active personally enrolled members who also have 10 personally enrolled members.